"Excellence": Worshipping the African

American Community

I am Fair, I am Beautiful

I am Black, I am Beautiful

If born Black, can I also be "Fair"?

Treated with more Love & Care?

Can I also be treated as "Rare"?

Tiger Woods is Excellence, Serena Williams is Excellence

Kobe Bryant is Excellence, Shaquille O'Neal is Excellence

Is Excellence Black?

Is Excellence "Fair"?

Michael Jordan is Excellence, Magic Johnson is Excellence

Kevin Durant is Excellence, Lebron James is Excellence

Is Excellence only Black?

Is Excellence "Fair"?

Can anyone dare to say they are not "Rare"?

Jerry Rice is Excellence, Deion Sanders is Excellence

Ray Lewis is Excellence, Reggie White is Excellence

Excellence in Football as well?

Is Excellence only Black?

Hank Aaron is Excellence, Barry Bonds is Excellence

Ken Gith Jr is Excellence, Willie Mays is Excellence

Excellence in Baseball as well?

Is Excellence only "Black"?

Is Excellence "Black & Brown"?

Florence Joyner is Excellence, Gail Devers is Excellence

Wilma Randolph is Excellence, Jackie Joyner Kersey is Excellence

Everyone is last, because they run so "fast"

With Michael Johnson you cannot Compare

With the Great Carl Lewis you cannot Compare

ey are all Fair and "Rare"

Stevie Wonder & Prince are Excellence

Marvin Gaye & Ray Charles are Excellence

With Ella Fitzgerald you cannot Compare

With James Brown you cannot Compare

With Beyonce you cannot Compare

Soul, Jazz & the Blues make a Gorgeous "Pair"

ey are all so "Fair" and "Rare"

Oh Tiger! Oh Tiger! Oh Tiger!

You always achieve your Goal at the 18th Hole

Teach us Excellence!

Teach us Perfection!

Tiger - you are so "Rare"

Tiger, Tiger you are so "Fair'

Dr Martin Luther King is Perfection

Colin Powell is Perfection

Even the Great Kissinger

With Condolezza Rice you cannot Compare

President Obama -you are so Rare!

To one of the Most Talented & Gifted Races

Oh Colin! Oh Michael! Oh Rihanna! Oh LeBron!

Oh Carl! Oh Ella! Oh Tiger! Oh Serena! Oh Barrack!

Teach us Distinction!

Teach us Excellence!

Teach us Perfection!

Excellence is Black, Brown and "Fair"

With Love & Tolerance a Beautiful "Pair"

To create a Gorgeous "Peace", no one can Compare

We all need to be treated as Special & a Loving "Rare"

Ashish Kalra

Jaipur India

March 1, 2021